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Universidade de Dundee está com inscrições abertas para cursos à distância em Arquivologia

A Universidade de Dundee, uma da mais tradicionais em formação e atualização de arquivistas à distância está com inscrições abertas para os curso que serão iniciado em 20 de setembro. Atenção: as inscrições vão somente até 13 de agosto, no fuso horário de lá.

Maiores detalhes estão disponíveis do e-mail enviado pelo Dr. Dr. Craig Gauld:

"There are still some places left on the following accredited distance learning courses offered by the Centre for Archive and Information Studies (CAIS) at the University of Dundee. The courses are tutored by experts and delivered online via an interactive, fully-supported, virtual learning environment.
Further details of the courses are listed below. 
- Cataloguing in the Digital Age (13 weeks)
- Electronic Records Management (13 weeks)
- Heraldry (13 weeks)
- Management and Preservation of Digital Records (13 weeks)
- Outreach and Community Archives (13 weeks)
- Sound and Vision: Collecting, Preserving and Managing Film,
- Sound and Oral History (13 weeks)
- Strategic Management for Information Professionals (13 weeks)

For more details and an application form please visit 

All CAIS programmes are accredited by the UK Society of Archivists
Please note that the closing date for applications is the 13th August with courses beginning on the 20th September.

Further Details:
Cataloguing in the Digital Age 
- Computers and record keepers: the development of digital cataloguing; national and international developments and drivers; archival networks; how users search for information
- Descriptive standards online: online access to archives; metadata schemes; indexing, thesauri and authority records; content standards for online description
- Getting your catalogues online: simple web solutions; databases and proprietary software; Encoded Archival Description; publishing EAD finding aids; other solutions
- Networks and interoperability: current projects and future developments.

Electronic Records Management 
- Electronic records and their management: key concepts and terminology; unique properties of electronic records; implications of these properties for their management; understanding and coping in hybrid paper and electronic environments
- Incorporating electronic records management into the information fabric of your organisation: drivers for electronic records and information management; key elements of a successful electronic records program; mandates and policies; technical and social infrastructure; establishing collaborations with key personnel
- Getting started: simple first steps to begin managing your organisation’s information; understanding your organisation’s information landscape; sources of information to help you manage information; gaining practical experience; learning from the experience of others.

- The role of heraldry in identification and status
- The design, meaning and description of coats of arms
- The origins of heralds and heraldry
- Developments in heraldry from the middle ages to the present day
- The role of heraldry in historical and genealogical enquiries

Management and Preservation of Digital Records 
- Computer science basics for recordkeeping and preservation
- Digital archiving and preservation processes: comparing digital archiving and analogue archiving technologies
- Systems to support digital recordkeeping and preservation: current status and limitations; the Open Archival Information System (OAIS) standard
- Metadata standards and metadata maintenance
- Organisational and business considerations
- The future agenda: how might the management and preservation of digital records evolve in future? 

Outreach and Community Archives 
- The nature and role of outreach in archives and related professions
- Different types of outreach and promotional activities
- Community archives as organisations and as collections
- Working effectively with local groups and individuals

Sound and Vision: Collecting, Preserving and Managing Film, Sound and Oral History 
- Historical overview: development of cinefilm; development of video recording; sound recording; the growth and development of specialist film and sound archives
- Origin, development and strengths and weaknesses of oral history; conducting and managing oral history interviews
- Management and administration: collection policies; appraisal; accessioning; cataloguing; and access in film and sound archives
- Preservation: physical characteristics of cinefilm; video recordings; sound recordings; handling, conservation and restoration of sound and vision media; storage; copying for preservation; data mitigation; emergency planning and disaster recovery

Strategic Management for Information Professionals 
- Introduction to managing people and the legal considerations
- Managing people: recruiting, selecting and managing staff
- Managing money: finance and fundraising
- Managing the service: processes, performance and monitoring
- Managing the service: marketing and customer service
- Managing the service: projects and change
- Strategic planning and management

Dr. Craig Gauld
CAIS Administrator
Centre for Archive and Information Studies (CAIS)
School of Humanities
University of Dundee
Dundee DD1 4HN

t +44 (0)1382 385543

Adaptado de e-mail de Craig Gauld a Anna Szlejcher

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